Why should you hire for a contractor?

It is no surprise that demand for talent in the Renewables industry is at an all-time high, making it a very competitive market for companies looking to hire, often leaving companies having to pay above the odds for quality talent.

This has resulted in a significant shift in the number of candidates looking for contract work as opposed to permanent due to the flexibility and attractive day rates making it impossible for many to turn down. This leaves companies who are looking to hire permanent staff struggling to find any candidates in general, let alone the right ones which drags out the recruitment process and can have an overall negative impact on the business.

Our question to you is: How long are you prepared to wait and how much pain does waiting cost the business by not having roles fulfilled?

Discussing alternative options with your recruitment consultant can add a new perspective and create great opportunities. In today’s climate, considering hiring a contractor is the first port of call. There is often a sense of apprehension when it comes to hiring contractors, however, we believe that the pros definitely outweigh the cons.


Here’s why hiring a contractor can save you time and ultimately money:

  1. It gives you flexibility in the role you are advertising - Hiring a contractor also allows you to change the role you initially advertised. If it is for the short term you could look to hire a junior in the interim to keep the job moving.
  1. They hit the ground running - No need to waste the best part of a month onboarding a new permanent staff member. A contractor knows they have a job to do and gets stuck in from the get-go.
  1. Quick turnaround times - The turnaround times are much quicker when hiring a contractor, less paperwork, less risk and it eliminates the 3 stage recruitment process meaning you can advertise a role on a Monday and have a new team member starting the following Monday.
  1. Notice period - It’s not unheard of for a candidate to have a 3 month notice period. Are you prepared to put your goals on hold for a whole quarter? A contractor is flexible and is more likely than not eager to start.
  1. Cash flow - Worried about cash flow? A contractor works for one month before you receive an invoice, you then have 30 days to pay the invoice. Giving you 2 months breathing space.
  1. Delivery focused - A good contractor operates with one goal in mind and that is to complete the task at hand as quickly and as efficiently as possible. It is in their best interest to work well and fast, as it is their name and essentially their personal business which could be at stake. Surprisingly, by the time you’ve added up all the costs involved when hiring a permanent member of staff, recruitment costs, holiday pay, sick pay etc. the costs of hiring a day rate contractor is not as much of a difference as first thought. The next time you are struggling to find a permanent member of staff, consider trying something different and hiring a contractor, it’s likely you will be pleasantly surprised.