Gone are the days where candidates fall at your feet. In today’s ever-changing world, it is just as much about you interviewing them as it is them interviewing you. Now more than ever potential candidates look at the bigger picture and ask the question, “Is this a company I actually want to work for?”

At Kinekta, our specialist recruitment experts have delved into what these deciding factors are and have put together their top tips to make sure that you as a company stand out and attract the top  talent.


Company values have never been more important and developing your culture to encompass them is too. Naturally attracting the right candidate that stands for these will be a good fit. Ensuring these values are integrated and displayed in every interaction in your recruitment process will increase your ability to attract top talent.

Training and Development

People want longevity, so look to the future. Growing and developing their career is a huge part of this. Investing in your staff and having the right processes in place to encourage career development year on year should be a priority for any business. For a candidate that is career driven this will most definitely spark interest.


Candidates have a desire to work for forward thinking companies that are championing change. For a candidate enthusiastic about working in the renewable energy industry this can be a considerable attraction, as it has the facility to advance their career whilst keeping their skills current.


If there is one thing Covid has shown us, it is that we have all had to adapt and revaluate how our businesses’ run. Working from home being the main one. By giving clarity on what your companies approach is to flexible working gives potential candidates a clear understanding of your business and whether it is a good fit.


Companies which value their staff and invest in them, and their surroundings are often the ones which are topping the charts for Best Places to Work year on year. Whether it is providing the fuel to help them attack the day, investing in their future with a quality pension plan or rewarding exceptional performance.